Podcast #5: Who has the most and least satisfied partnerships?

Podcast #4: Does your business partner share your values?

Podcast #3: What is The Partnership Resource's PROCESS? What is the first step?

Podcast snippet #2: Who does The Partnership Resource help? How many partnerships need help?

Podcast snippet #1: What is the Partnership Resource?

Predicting Business Partnership Success

Partnership Equity Splits and “Fairness”

What's The Best Way to Bond With Your New Business Partner?  Hint: It's Not Golf

It's Complicated: Men, Women and Business Partnerships

What You Need to Know About Your Co-Founder

Problems in Your Partnership? Focus on Values

Are You Hewlett and Packard? What You Can Learn About Your Partnership From Our New Compatibility Report

Thinking Like A Business Partner

Assessing Your Partnership Fit

Learning From Partnership Failures

Couples Therapy For Business Partners

Do Women Make Better Business Partners?

The Neuroscience Behind Why Third-Party Intervention Helps Business Partnerships

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: Why Your Partnership Needs a “Constitution”

When Good Conflict Goes Bad

3 Ways To End A Stalemate With Your Business Partner


Are You Collaborating Or Compromising With Your Business Partner?

Are You Facing A Founder's Dilemma?

Partnership Lessons from "Shark Tank"

What is the Problem in Your Partnership?

Too Big To Trail: Do You Need More Than One Successor For Your Business Succession Plan?

Have You Done Your Cultural Due Diligence?

Together Into The Abyss?

Merger Therapy: What You Need to Know About Your New Partners Before You take the Plunge

Solo Practitioners, What Are You Afraid Of?

Business Partners Stuck In The Middle

The Rolling Five-Year Succession Plan

Pre-Merger Facilitations: Starting Off Right, Right From The Start Of Your Partnership

The 4 C's Of Successful Partnerships

Entrepreneurial Partnerships

Welcome To The Partnership Resource


  • Form strong partnerships
  • Resolve partnership conflict
  • Reinforce your partnership dynamics

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