Are You Hewlett and Packard? What You Can Learn About Your Partnership From Our New Compatibility Report


“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

 Assessing the behaviors and motivators of our clients and creating an overlay of the styles of all the partners in the business has always been a part of our practice.  We now have a new report that provides even more integration of the comparison of two business partners. It addresses three main areas:

  • How You and Your Partner Like to Work
  • What Motivates You and Your Partner At Work
  • The Compatibility of Two Partners Working Together

After each partner takes an online assessment, we provide you with a report that analyzes your behaviors in business and what drives you each day, and then shows very specifically how communication, conflict, and decision-making will play out with your partner(s).   For example, let’s say one of you likes to decide quickly when a business issue arises, and has the ability to move on to other just-as-pressing issues.  The other needs time to think through the implications and gets resentful having to decide on the spot.  Neither partner has the wrong approach; in fact the best business outcomes may be the result of your collaboration.  That awareness has already put you in a better position to appreciate what your partner is bringing to the table and lets your partner know what your value to the organization is as well. 

But even better, the report has specific, actionable advice for you to be on the best footing when approaching and responding to your partner, given who you are and given who they are.

For example, we recently worked with partners where one partner would make a statement and would interpret the other’s silence as consent, when actually, his nod meant “I understand you or I at least hear you” not “I agree with you.”  This discovery made a huge difference in how they communicate.  This assessment gives you not only the awareness of how you and your partner are but also how to actually maintain the best possible communication and avoid the worst mistakes.  The best partnerships are ones where the principals do not leave great communication to chance, but rather make sure that what they say has the best chance of being heard.

If you have more than one business partner, we will help you create a series of “playbooks” that will advise you on how to, and how not to, communicate about issues in the business.


To see an example of the full 15-page report, click here.

To get your own FREE 4-page sample of the report between you and another partner, click here.


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  • Form strong partnerships
  • Resolve partnership conflict
  • Reinforce your partnership dynamics

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