Podcast #5: Who has the most and least satisfied partnerships?

Michael: Well, and to me it’s very powerful just the idea of particularly once you’re beyond a two-person partnership and there’s three-plus people in the room, like, just clarifying, “Here are the kinds of decisions where we don’t move forward unless we have unanimous voting, like, everybody’s got to get on board, ” versus, “Here are the decisions that, you know, we’re going to talk about it, and then we may agree to disagree, and then we’re going to move with whatever the consensus is and we’re going to ask everybody to be on board with that.” And I feel like it’s something that sometimes happens implicitly in partnerships or just, you know, group meetings in general, but sometimes it doesn’t happen in a way that everybody is happy with, particularly if you’re the one that’s getting outvoted on an issue.

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Podcast snippet #2: Who does The Partnership Resource help? How many partnerships need help?

In June 2018, I was interviewed by Michael Kitces for his Financial Advisor Success podcast. The full interview, at 90 minutes, is here: I am making some "bite size" passages of the interview available here.

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